The Lux Collective is a full-service production company located in Nashville, TN. Established in late 2015, we are building our brand to be a powerhouse in the local community with the ability to service low and high budget clients.

Our name: "LUX" is a measurement of light. We pride ourselves with the highest level of cinematography. We are a group or "COLLECTIVE" of creatives with over 30 years of combined production experience that can take your project from concept to delivery.


Our mission is simple. To take our clients stories and tell them in a unique way with the highest quality of cinematography, graphics, editing, and professionalism.

We truly believe our clients enjoy working with us, not just because we deliver high quality work at competitive prices, but because we make the experience enjoyable through our professional yet laid back personalities. We put our clients at ease and really make their time with us special and fun.


If you appreciate a good story, then you’ve come to the right place. We challenge ourselves with getting it right on screen and that starts with a good script.

In the corporate and commercial world, there is always an underlining story beneath your message, whether it be a call to action, a sales pitch, or even a simple informational. We want to raise the bar and make content that connects with your audience.